Just contact our office and we will have a contractor out to you at a time of your choice to service your needs. Our enquiry form is located on this web site or you can contact us to assist you in securing the finance of your choice.

Telephone: [08] 9309 2734
Fax: [08] 9409 3807

Our Recommendations

Symes Organising Solutions

While you're getting ready for a little financial re-organising with Symes Financial Solutions, you may want to think about re-organising your office or home. Drop by Janet's website for further details.

TerraCura Building Services
TerraCura Building Services specialises in professional consultancy services to those within the industry, as well as those who may be less familiar with the intricacies of construction in Western Australia.

Our People

Richard Symes - Director
(Australian Credit Licence Number 379135 )

Address: 34 Benbullen Boulevard,
  Kingsley  WA  6026
Mobile: 0417 918 883
Martin Smith - Finance Broker
(Credit Representative Number 389473)
Address: 25 Woodford Wells Way,
  Kingsley  WA  6026
Mobile: 0439 988 363




Our Accreditation ..

At Symes Financial Solutions we have gained accreditation with a broad spectrum of lenders however the truth is that a large percentage of our clients are placed with the top five or six well known brands. In the final analysis it will be your choice; your decision as where you want us to place your business.

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